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Online coaching

What is Online 

A comprehensive service where you agree your goals and assess your current physical status to measure your progress

First lets talk about why you might use online coaching.

For some people the thought of personal training can be scary and intimidating, or there may be budgetary reasons preventing them from enjoying the benefits of hiring a face to face trainer. Others may be hitting the gym regularly but feel stuck in a rut.

These groups of people and more can benefit from an online coaching service that gives professional support without the hassle of attending timed slots in a gym.

DL Training online coaching is a comprehensive service where you agree your goals and assess your current physical status to measure your progress.

Once i have this information you are enrolled into the training app where i issue your personally designed workouts through the app, fully formatted with sets and reps that are required. The app also includes demo videos to ensure you get the correct technique. You then save your workouts (once complete) and i can check them and give feedback on our weekly check in.

The beauty of this app is that it works with gym AND home workouts. So your not limited to any one place of training.

Nutritional guidance is supplied to ensure you understand what amount of calories you require to hit your goals. I also break these calories into macros, protein, carbs and fats. Don't panic, i explain those confusing things as well.

All clients receive access to my hub of recipe packs, full of over 1000 recipe ideas to help get you started.

You will not be alone on your journey, with access 7 days a week to myself on email, text and WhatsApp. Zoom calls are also available to help give you support.

What I offer

FREE video consultation

30-minute monthly 1-2-1 session at RP Gym or zoom (gym membership or day-pass required)

45-minute monthly zoom call to go over any questions you have (bookable via my online calendar)

Video analysis and feedback

Bespoke training programme for you and your goals

Recipe Pack with over 2000 recipe's

WhatsApp group community

Access to the Education Hub

Tailored nutrition plan with full macronutrient break down

Weekly video check in

Continuous support via WhatsApp/Email

Invites to regular community social events

£125 per month

Click the link below to fill out our enquiry form or to book a FREE initial chat!

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