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Personal trainer in Cambridge

Whatever you need from a truly bespoke personal trainer in Cambridge, at DL Training, I’ll give you the workout plan and execution that can get you to your goals as quickly as possible. I’m not like other personal trainers in Cambridge and provide all of the same fitness services with none of the judgement, helping to create a fun environment for developing yourself and your body in. 

Why hire a Personal Trainer?

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I’ll work with you to help you to develop the best form possible, create a consistent schedule to give you the best possible routine and help you to get to the stage of your fitness journey that you want to reach.

We’ll work together to ensure that all of your fitness needs are met and that you can take full advantage of the gym at your own leisure, providing you with the full benefits of a personal trainer available in Cambridge.

A good PT can make exercise both effective & fun.

Yes believe it or not it can be very enjoyable 

 FROM £45.00 per session
(2 per week recommended) 

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Having a trainer by your side can provide encouragement, energy & the motivation you need to jump start your routine.


Gyms can feel intimidating to people, a trainer helps you become more confident in performing exercises, machines & facilities.


Everyone is different, body mechanics, fitness levels & goals. PT's design a plan that is bespoke to you.


A trainer holds you accountable & helps you overcome your excuses to commit to an exercise routine.


If you are new to exercise they will ensure you are training in a safe & effective way taking the time to teach you correct form & technique.


A good PT can make exercise both effective & fun. Yes believe it or not it can be very enjoyable.

Book an appointment with a personal trainer near you and start working towards your fitness ambitions as soon as you can. Whatever level you’re at and whatever experience you’ve got with the gym, I’ll be able to help you to get the confidence, motivation, and give the individual attention that you need to get the results that you’re looking for. 


Get in touch to find out more about how the sessions might look and how I can benefit you along your fitness journey, taking into account all of your personal circumstances and developing you in the best ways possible.

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Personal training

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