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Walking Lunges & why you need to love them!

In your gym life, you might do everything you possibly can to avoid them.

“I did leg presses after squatting today,”

you might try to bargain with your program.

“I’ll do walking lunges next week (which means never).”

This move is so deceptively simple that you might forget how tough they are until you actually try to kiss your back knee to the ground.

There’s a reason you may love to avoid this powerhouse of a functional fitness accessory.

Walking lunges will jack up your heart rate, all while challenging your unilateral leg strength, balance, and even your hip mobility.

Walking lunges

But try as hard as you might to avoid them, walking lunges come into play in your day-to-day, too.

Whether you’re swooping down to pick up children’s toy's from the living room rug, or just trying to improve your squat, the ability to sink into a lunge, rise, stabilize, and keep going is crucial.

Sometimes, you’re training simply to improve your performance in the gym. Other times, you’re looking to boost your squat one-rep max.

Walking lunges are one of those key exercises that will directly serve both goals. With the option to load these up heavy or keep them at your bodyweight, walking lunges also happen to be incredibly versatile.

So, really, there’s every reason to stop avoiding them and put them into your program stat!

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